IOS Questions Answers

IOS Questions Answers (MCQ) of Networking Questions Answers are important for IBPS IT Officer Aptitude exam, Campus Placements and other technical interviews and exams.

21) Which layer of OSI model will have problem if you get message 'Serial1 is down, line protocol is down' after typing 'show interface serial

  • 1) Physical Layer
  • 2) Datalink Layer
  • 3) Network layer
  • 4) It is router problem
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Ans.   A
Explanation :

22) If you delete contents of NVRAM and reboot router, in which mode you will en

  • 1) Privileged mode
  • 2) Global mode
  • 3) Setup mode
  • 4) There will be error
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Ans.   C
Explanation :
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