Spelling Test Questions Answers

Spelling Questions Answers (MCQ) of Verbal Ability in English Aptitude includes questions to identify correct Spelling among the options which are important for all competitive exams.

1) Spelling test - find correct spelling

  • 1) Abbreviate
  • 2) Abreviate
  • 3) Abrrviate
  • 4) Abbreviat
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Ans.   A
Explanation :
ABBREVIATION means संक्षिप्त रूप

2) Spelling test - find correct spellin

  • 1) Ignouminious
  • 2) Ignomenious
  • 3) Ignominious
  • 4) Ignomineous
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Ans.   C
Explanation :
Ignominious meaning in Hindi शरमिदा करने वाला
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